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The following case study is a real word example on how Merchant Connections works with clients in industries that are deemed high risk in the merchant processing business.  Merchant Connections maintains a strict confidentiality agreement with all of our merchant clients.  The following example is a real world case study with the companies name changed to protect their privacy.

Case Study:

ABC Nutra Co. is a medium sized Nutraceutical company which provides natural supplements to their online customers.  Since opening their doors in 2001, ABC Nutra Co.has focused on providing quality natural supplements, with superior formulas that use only premium ingredients, manufactured according to exacting standards. However the one big issue they were facing was obtaining a merchant account.

Nutraceuticals are tricky businesses to find merchant accounts for due to lack of health regularization by the government. While it is a thriving industry, the companies are considered high risk due to the chance for legal action in such a loose and unregulated market.

With over 20 years experience in the payments industry, Merchant Connections was able to help ABC Nutra Co. through our reputable bank relationships established over the years. During the application process we advised them to tweak their website to improve their approval chances. In an ever changing market, we were able to offer a cost-effective solution, that would allow them to accept credit card payments through their website.

After three months of solid processing and low chargeback ratios, we were able to reduce their rate and increase their ROI.

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